About Tania



Thanks for stopping by.

A little info about me:
I’m a trail runner,
a passport-carrying adventure junkie,
a tenting, decaf-drinking, marshmallow-eating, backpack-wearing, mountain-lover, who’s crazy about her family.

I navigate the world with my 2 awesome kiddos and a german short-haired pup. We’re a motley crew, but we have a really, really good life together. We’re very lucky.

I take photographs because it makes me happy,
and because it’s the best way I’ve found to really see how intricate and incredible we all are.
I hope my work inspires in you a little of the same.

The Daily Collegian (Penn State’s student newspaper) gave me my first assignment as a photographer
18 years ago, and I’ve been photographing people ever since.

I’m located in the Finger Lakes region, and available for travel worldwide. My past photography work has included such locations as: Aruba, Denmark, Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, Russia, Mexico, and St. Maarten, as well as Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, NYC, DC, Vermont, and Washington State.