June 10, 2011

So.  I just spent half an hour looking back through the very oldest pages of my blog for one particular shot.  I never found that damn photo, but I did find a whole lot of typing.  Turns out I actually used to write on my blog!  What a brilliant idea.  Why did I ever stop?  I mean, I know why….I got crazy busy and became a mama and forgot how to speak like a normal adult human being.  All of that.

But did I really give up something I love so much just to save 17 minutes every 4 days?  (This was back when I blogged pretty regularly, too. Sigh. The old days.)  Really….I think I could make a little more effort to entertain you all here.

I guess you can consider this my comeback.  To writing.  To life.  To opinions.  To humor.  To myself.

Get ready, kiddies.  This is going to be good.  (Well, you know….once I figure out where all the keys are again.)

 p.s. People have been asking for Annika photos. Tomorrow is Mr. Lezak’s first day of summer vacation.  In honor of that, we celebrated sprinkler-style today. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate again by getting fingerprinted.  Hint, hint….If you know us, you know what that means.

[If you don’t know us, you probably think it means we’ve been arrested.]