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May 30, 2014

When your sweet little babies grow up into talking, giggling, spilling, screaming, temperamental, loveable tiny people who rule your world at all hours of the day, a really fun thing to do is to get in your car, drive away, and find someone else’s sweet little baby to cuddle & snuggle and ooh & ahh over for a few hours. And if the parents of that bundle of cute happen to be past wedding clients, even better.

Marisa & Chris — congrats on your 5th wedding anniversary! And on creating the most adorable baby ever.
Welcome to this wild, crazy, amazing parenting ride. (It’s a good one, I promise.)
Luke is one very lucky little dude.


























October 19, 2011

Two days ago at this time, we thought we’d wait a year for our next baby.

Two days ago at this time, Annika was upstairs napping, I was sitting at my desk editing some images, and Jed was just finishing up at work….when the phone rang.

Two days ago at this time, we found out that a birthmom had made the hardest decision of her life, choosing us to raise her beautiful, sweet, loved baby boy — to give him the life she couldn’t.

Two days ago at this time, our world expanded exponentially and our hearts got even fuller (if that is possible).

Yesterday at this time, we were racing to catch a plane to Texas. We caught it, with 4 minutes to spare.

Today, right now, we are sitting in a hotel room in Houston, holding our gorgeous little boy.  He is four days old, but we feel like he’s been in our hearts forever.

We’re still processing the whirlwind that was the last 48 hours.  We had just filled out our final paperwork to become active with our adoption agency 18 days ago.  We thought we’d wait about a year.  Instead we waited two and a half weeks before we got a call telling us our son had already been born & when could we come get him?  It still sounds so wild.  We can hardly believe it’s all real, but here we are with this tiny little man, and he’s ours.  All ours.  We are absolutely, undeniably, screaming from the rooftops, jumping up and down, overjoyed at this incredible surprise!

Into the universe we release a trillion and more thank yous to his precious birthmama for giving him life, for protecting and nurturing him over the last 9 months, for trusting us to care for him and raise him the way that she hoped, and last but never ever least — for giving him his beautiful middle name.
Without further ado, we introduce our newest family member, and Annika’s baby brother, Zavier Jordan.


Welcome to the world sweet boy! We feel so lucky that out of all the parents in all the universe — you chose us. We’re already head over heels.

September 15, 2011

Have I mentioned lately that this child is my stars, my moon, my light in the dark? I feel like she was hand picked for us. Seriously, just plucked out of a universe full of babies by the wisest hand anyone has ever known.

I spend a good part of each night laying in bed just before I fall asleep, wondering at how terribly clumsy each step felt on the way to her, but how exactly right it all looks in hindsight….as if each bumbling move was orchestrated to come together into this sweet symphony of family, and every measure led us directly to her.

How lucky are we to have found each other? That question occupies a little part of the back of my brain…pretty much all day, every day.

But especially when I find her wandering around the house, giggling, with a sweater pulled over her head.

July 04, 2011

We got Annika a baby bike helmet.  

No, she doesn’t bike yet.

But she definitely needed it….  


June 25, 2011

You’re finally here.

We’ve been waiting for you for so, so, SO long.

And now you’re here.

And we’re never going inside again.

We’re even shampooing our hair outside, by the hose, in the driveway.

With all of our clothes on.

That’s how much we’re not going inside.

At least, not until dinnertime.

June 10, 2011

So.  I just spent half an hour looking back through the very oldest pages of my blog for one particular shot.  I never found that damn photo, but I did find a whole lot of typing.  Turns out I actually used to write on my blog!  What a brilliant idea.  Why did I ever stop?  I mean, I know why….I got crazy busy and became a mama and forgot how to speak like a normal adult human being.  All of that.

But did I really give up something I love so much just to save 17 minutes every 4 days?  (This was back when I blogged pretty regularly, too. Sigh. The old days.)  Really….I think I could make a little more effort to entertain you all here.

I guess you can consider this my comeback.  To writing.  To life.  To opinions.  To humor.  To myself.

Get ready, kiddies.  This is going to be good.  (Well, you know….once I figure out where all the keys are again.)

 p.s. People have been asking for Annika photos. Tomorrow is Mr. Lezak’s first day of summer vacation.  In honor of that, we celebrated sprinkler-style today. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate again by getting fingerprinted.  Hint, hint….If you know us, you know what that means.

[If you don’t know us, you probably think it means we’ve been arrested.]