May 13, 2016

Connor and Jen’s wedding at the 1885 House on private Bear Lake in the Poconos was just like re-living all the best parts of summer camp….but with cocktails. And longer-than-summer romance. And Connor and Jen are the adorable couple that everyone at summer camp wanted to be (plus, they’re also really, really sweet and unique, and completely joyful).

You went to camp, right? In case you didn’t, here’s what I mean: beautiful, giant old lodge houses with mismatched chairs painted all different colors, a surprise ice cream truck, narrow dirt roads, sunshine AND pouring rain, picnic tables and a wooden disc swing right next to the lake, magical stone paths leading down to the water, a huge pitcher of fresh lemonade, tall scrubby grass, singing, walks through the woods, messy ice cream faces, and a dance party with fireworks. It was truly, truly magical, and the exact, perfect, 100% right day for Jen and Connor and all of their sweet crew.

See?  Just like summer camp. (Except, you know, better.) :)