October 01, 2012

I was in East Hampton this weekend to photograph the exact moment when Edward and Lily became officially entangled in love. More on that very soon.

The night before their big day, we took our giddy selves on a late night camera adventure.

It was dark.  Really, incredibly, can’t see 12 inches away from you dark.  These were taken shortly after 10 pm at and around Louse Point, East Hampton, NY, on the eve of the harvest moon (which was….of course….entirely obstructed by a thick layer of cloud).

This is the church where Ed and Lily got married the next day.  So sweet and unassuming and absolutely perfect for their wedding.

Huge thanks to my amazing friend/assistant/camera-caddy/animal house roommate/best person ever, Jessica, who was by my side all weekend long. She answered to the affectionate nickname “Friend” for 3 days without complaint, happily pushed foreign little camera buttons in complete and utter darkness, and sang Salt-N-Pepa songs at all the right times.

Friend is such a shameful understatement for you, but the right word hasn’t been invented yet.  It’s something with lots of capitals and exclamation points and smiley faces. Once it is invented, I will use it endlessly and much to everyone’s embarrassment.  I can’t wait.