January 24, 2013

You know the line “better late than never”?  It really, really, really applies here.  So, it’s a little late, but Molly and Ryan are too sweet.  Too amazing.  Too adorable.  Too much fun.  Even though it was a while ago, they weren’t getting away without a post.  I am fully convinced that Molly could make teams of wedding planners jealous with her unmatched eye for design.  She is a force!  If there were awards for awesome brides, she would win.  Ryan would, of course, get two trophies (one each for biggest & best laugh/happiest groom).  Photographing them and their day was dreamy.  (Especially the late night homemade pie & cookie bar.  YUM.  I may or may not have taken photos, eaten a plate of cookies, taken more photos, and gone back for seconds.  Or sevenths.)

Heaps of thanks to my sweet friend Meredith for introducing Molly and me ages ago…..in maybe 2008?  (Holy cow, was it really that long ago?!)  And to Molly, for introducing me to her sister Margaret, whose wedding I had the enormous pleasure of photographing just a couple of months ago.  Sisters make me so happy.  And weddings!  And homemade cookie bars!  And stripey swizzle sticks!  And big pink smoochie lips on sticks!  And PIE!  Okay.  I’ll stop now.

Molly + Ryan know how to make a day.  That’s all.  Thanks again, guys.  :)