September 15, 2011

Have I mentioned lately that this child is my stars, my moon, my light in the dark? I feel like she was hand picked for us. Seriously, just plucked out of a universe full of babies by the wisest hand anyone has ever known.

I spend a good part of each night laying in bed just before I fall asleep, wondering at how terribly clumsy each step felt on the way to her, but how exactly right it all looks in hindsight….as if each bumbling move was orchestrated to come together into this sweet symphony of family, and every measure led us directly to her.

How lucky are we to have found each other? That question occupies a little part of the back of my brain…pretty much all day, every day.

But especially when I find her wandering around the house, giggling, with a sweater pulled over her head.

  • That was beautiful Tania…and something I hope she will someday read….we are all so fortunate she is in our lives…our little ray of sunshine who lights up our hearts….love you Miss Annika

  • Ok, seriously. I can't stand it. It's a little ridiculous how much we all miss her. Isabel says she has big girl teeth now and Julia says she looks like a supermodel. I agree with both. :) Give her big kisses from all of us in MA!

  • She is so adorable. I love the last picture of her with her giggles!! You were truly blessed!!